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u-DailyCare : An investigation on WSN & WBAN based Service and Platform


  • To design energy efficient and reliable L2 and L3 communication protocols for WSN & WBAN.
  • To improve communication reliability by developing dynamic block retransmission scheme.
  • To deal with coexistence problem by detecting the multi-WBAN environment and adapting transmission parameters.
  • To develop IEEE 11073 standard-based u-DailyCare system that records and provides recommendations for chronic disease patients.
  • Design energy efficient single/multi-radio channel MAC protocol for guaranteeing QoS and handling emergency situation in WBAN.
  • Provide radio environment aware algorithm for cognitive radio sensor networks to improve the route stability.
  • Predict channel error level and dynamically control block based retransmission to guarantee energy efficiency and QoS requirement.
  • Predict multi-WBAN coexistence problems through cross-layer algorithms.
  • Chronic-disease patients management through interlocking of smart phone and smart TV.
  • Automatic action information management based on sensor devices and smart TV camera.

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  • u-DailyCare provides the service to measure userí»s blood pressure and blood sugar, and manage the measured data.
  • u-DailyCare service can operate in a smart phone after turning on the sink node.
  • The connection between the sink node and smart phone is completed by using u-DailyCare application.
  • u-DailyCare application shows the measured data after measuring blood pressure/blood sugar.
  • u-DailyCare application sends the measured data to u-DailyCare server and another acquaintance of user.
  • The u-Dailycare Server accumulates the data of users.